Obscene Baguette

Obscene Baguette

Other name: Obscene Baguette Manhwa
Chapters Chapter 30 Status Ongoing
Last update: 2 month ago


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I’m twenty-seven years old. Although I’m old enough to have my own sweet romance, I refuse to date any man because of my traumatising experience with my first boyfriend when I was 20 years old. What matters to me is the size of a man! Because of that, I was cold toward my co-worker who gave me a lot of affection… When I accidentally fell on him, I felt that there was something on his thigh. It was very long and hard… Is it a baguette? “I’m serious, not because of your background, but because of that thing between your legs!” The thing between the legs of the man I dumped looks like it’ll be trouble?!.